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Calculate your IOST rewards

Voter rewards can be a bit confusing.​ Estimate your voting rewards for any partner with our calculator. 

This calculation does not include any partner-specific bonuses. Default values are for Inside IOST, a Tier 1 partner node in Q1 2019. This calculator will pull from the IOST API soon, but in the current version, please check for the latest numbers.

Remember: the total number of partners and other factors will change over time, so your calculation only works as an estimate.

Your votes:
The amount of IOST you've voted towards this node
Partner's votes:
The total number of votes cast for this node by all voters (displayed at
Partner % of total votes:
This node's percentage of total votes for ALL nodes (displayed at
Total IOST partners:
The number of approved partners (displayed at

Contribution tier won:
The contribution reward tier you expect this partner to win. Tier 1 is the top 20% of partners (in the contribution rankings) and tier 5 the bottom 20%

IOST price:
The IOST price to use to calculate your rewards in fiat.

Your Total Annual Rewards (including quarterly ecosystem rewards):



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